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BBC report - experiences of IVF


Just come across this on the BBC website, which shows the reality of needing fertility treatment. You are lucky if you get a successful outcome. But, also, that it is perhaps better to have tried, then not to have tried at all.

I found this very emotional to read, as I can feel the issues that we have been through on our journey to having a child.

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Just read the report, my 2ww for my first cycle ends on Monday.

It left me feeling hopeless!

It is in the hands of Jehovah God.


Don't feel helpless, was trying to show that all our feelings are normal as we unfortunately have to go through this.



I felt the same after reading the article. I start my injections tomorrow & since getting my apts through I have been feeling very upbeat & positive. But that article has put so many doubts & fears in my mind.

Good luck for Monday I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


keep positive ladies xx


This article has really opened my eyes. Yes it is a very tough article but it is reality. I am waiting for my first appointment in a month but I think this article has helped take off my rose tinted glasses. Flowergirl - your intentions were good although some won't see that but the article title does give away that the article isn't going to celebrate IVF success. Good luck to all going through the process. :-)


Thanks Hun, it depends where you are on the treatment journey I guess, for those who have been through a number of rounds it can feel a very lonely world out there. XX

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