Hi,i'm in nhs ivf after 3 private failed and waited for 3 years and a half, long time of wait lots of feelings,too many tears.we have low sperm count i'm33 in this cycle the nhs iis telling my that if they will not found any sperm on the day of egg colection i 'm not able to discard my eggs and cancel my that normal?

Someone been in this case?

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  • Hi my partner has a low count also. We will be having icsi on the nhs. I think he will have a few sperm tests before you start your treatment and when ur eggs are collected.. i would ask your consultant if they are going to freeze his sperm before hand or will freeze your eggs if he does not produce on the day of egg collection... good look

  • I can't answer that but was that with the amh blood test as I've been recommended this .is it just a blood test or more in depth

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