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Desperate times!

So i have known for a while i cannot have kids, Its kills me a little inside each time i think about it. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

I have been in denial about my condition and because my partner was not tested, i went through a phase of believing he had the problems. So i went on a mission. To sleep with men in hopes they would get me pregnant. Needless to say it didn't work. It hurt.... the realisation kicked in and i realised the problem is me. Not him.

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It is hard to accept that there is a problem, and even harder to understand why.

There is not a reason anyone can give that will make you feel better.

I won't say there is a miracle cure out there but the dr's really do try to help.

I and my husband are on our 6th year of trying and many times I have wanted to give up. But science is a wonderful thing and I truly believe oneday our wish to be a complete family will be granted.

Keep faith and hope, without that it's a dark place.

Saz_s :)


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