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Secondary Infertility


Hi everyone. I was hoping for some advice/ encouragement / positive stories regarding secondary infertility.

My partner and I had a 4 year battle with infertility which finally ended in a baby conceived through IVF and a frozen embryo transfer.

My baby is over 6 months old now and I've started ovulating again (there was never any explanation found for our infertility or inability to get pregnant).

We want to strike while the iron is hot so to speak and are hoping (praying) we might be able. To fall pregnant naturally, given that I'm supposedly more fertile after pregnancy and that we I had a successful and healthy pregnancy experience.

Did anyone manage to get pregnant naturally after ivf? Ant tips? Is there a best time to try (still breastfeeding, though periods have returned). Things are going great with my baby and I don't mind a small age gap as I always wanted a big (ish) family.and there is a similar gap between.myself and my brother so I know it will be great for the children growing up.

I am filled with pride at my baby, but I am going through the same anxiety I did when I tried and get pregnant for over 3 yrs.

I appreciate any responses and comments. And I do not wish to upset anyone trying to conceive their first because I remember that pain so well.

Thanks x

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I also suffer from secondary infertility. I can totally understand your situation. Firstly, congratulations on your successful IVF process. I think you should give it a try. Since you suffer from unexplained infertility, it is possible that you might be able to conceive naturally again. However, if things don't work out don't get dishearted. Opting for IVF for the second time is always an option. Good luck to you.

Kempton in reply to angellllll

Thank you. We've not started trying yet but I'm still haunted by our first experience of ttc and I want to start soon. I love my baby so much it's like I feel guilt about the possibility of him not having a sibling or two. I should relax and not worry until I need to, but that's hard. THanks for your reply and I hope your own journey is successful too.

Sorry to hear about your long struggle! :( But the best part is after all that you've had a baby now and it's like heaven I'm sure. Congratulations on winning the tug war with infertility. Usually, unexplained infertility has an underlying cause... it just takes one time and moving onto a more advanced assister fertility procedure to know it. One of my close friends from high school days has a similar problem ... she got 3 chemicals over 2 years time, IUI failed and even a round of IVF failed. Due to troubles with self-financing next rounds, they resorted to the overseas clinic in Ukraine. They suggested to do a PGS and it was tested that there were certain anomalies causing it. Only the good eggs got transferred.

If you don't mind me asking... did you get PGS done when on IVF? Plus, why you want to TTC naturally now that you have a frostie. You've got to get it transferred right or it's gonna be a waste. It's hard to conceive naturally after you've needed IVF before and tried for long... but it's not impossible. Miracles happen

You've endured too much, hun. I'm so sorry. My case differes completely. I've always had a plenty of healthy beautiful eggs. But was born without womb. So have no ability to carry any of those sweet embies myself..It's so frustrating! We had to save to opt one day for surrogacy abroad. using my perfect eggs and dh's sperms. This 3rd part pregnancy resulted in a sweet DD Laria. I know I cannot be of much help here. And I'm not sure why I'm writing this story for you. Maybe for you to know you're not alone. Even though our cases are different. I know the way issues might feel. Like we're robbed. Like we failed to fulfill our sacred dream, the only right nature meant to us..This place is just awesome. It had been saving me from going insane for so long..Awesome ladies who keep on thinking about you and who really understand and care. I'm wishing you the best ahead. Stay well, take good care. We're here for you xx

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