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Hi everyone!!

Last Monday, I went to get a LIVERFASt test to further assess my liver disease. In March 2021, I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver by a FibroScan. Today I received my results for the LiverFast, I have attached the results.

Both agree that I have severe steatosis (Fibro: S4 and Liverfast: S3). But the Fibrosis came back totally the opposite (Fibro: F4 and Liverfast; F0). Also, as I understand it, I have inflammation which corresponds to the enlargement of the liver I saw when I had a CT scan last month.

Tomorrow, I'm getting another Fibroscan again, to further confirm the diagnosis and if I have cirrhosis or not. Regardless of the result, I have already change my entire lifestyle and have already lost 30 lbs to date. I'm still very obese and still need to loose a lot more.

Just wanted to share this news and hopefully my Fibro results come back showing positive results.

Is there a common consensus of how accurate or reliable the Liverfast is? In relation to the Fibro?

Thank you all!

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Hi Ecabral07,

I remember reading somewhere that for people who are obese (not saying this is your case) the fibroscan results might be inaccurate.

I am mentalizing positive thoughts and hoping this is indeed your case and that you have no fibrosis :)

Keep us posted!

My liverfast results are f0, a0, and so. I'm getting a fibroscan in June to confirm. So far many peoples have been accurate

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All tests have challenges and there is no perfect answer. Even biopsy has about a 14% error rate so we always have to keep that in mind. FibroScan and LIVERFASt both have similar quality scores using very different methods. For a person who is very obese FibroScan often has difficulty and is subject to operator error. LIVERFASt can be affected by some inflammatory processes and how the blood sample is handled so we have to be careful with all of them. In my case both methods give similar results. I have probably seen more issues with FibroScan but diagnosis of liver disease is not easy.

Hi! I’ve said this before on this site and don’t want to give false hope to you but the fibro scan gave me false readings. It stated I had severe scarring to cirrhosis. I was scared to death. Follow up testing to include an MRE stated no fat, no scarring. I hope the best for you. Keep us updated.

Hi everyone, thank you so much for the positive vibes. They definitely worked.

I just received my Fibroscan results from this morning.

Definitely better numbers, although much work still needed from my part. It is still not a "CLEAR" that everything is OK. And I am more determined than ever to reverse my condition.


Stiffness Score : 22.6 (March 2021) // 10.4 (May 2021)

CAP : 378 (March 2021) // 374 (May 2021)

IQ: 19% // 14 %

Not cirrhosis, but still puts me in a F3 category. Still bad.

I got my results from an automatic processing system via Kaiser Permanente's online system ; but I actually was able to ask the technician my numbers before I left. He showed me and 10.4 was an average. I got scores from 7.4 to 12. He told me it was difficult to get accurate numbers because of me being obese, so he thought the number was below 10.

I guess if I interpret both my Fibroscan and my Liverfast... I can average an F2 Fibrosis score. Call it whatever, I'm determined to reverse this.

Just wanted to update everyone here.

Thanks everyone for the good vibes!!

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lecc in reply to Ecabral07

Hi Ecabral07,

you keep working buddy!!! I am happy you are not F4!

All the best!

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lecc in reply to Ecabral07

By the way, I found a link that is interesting for you:

It says the following: "The M probe overestimates liver stiffness, especially in obese patients (...)".

I can't tell which probe was used for your exam... but if you are chubby and they used this M probe instead of a XL probe, it can be indicator that your liver is actually not as stiff as the fibroscan said. Yet another motivator for you to keep working :)

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MLB_77 in reply to lecc

In that link it looks like the test is geared towards answers for NAFLD/NASH ? Is the test not just for liver damage in general? Fatty liver, ALD, etc?

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lecc in reply to MLB_77

hi MLB, Fibroscan measures the fat content and fibrosis level of your liver but it does not tell you the cause.

I think in a lot of cases, however, the doctors are able to tell the cause based on blood tests and questions answered by the patient (e.g. if you drink too much, it points to an ALD).

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Ecabral07 in reply to lecc

Thank you. Very interesting article. Now I wish I would have known this to have asked the technician which probe he was using. But I guess is fair to say they are trained to know which probes they should be using depending on the patient.

I would say though, that my results said "Exam was suboptimal due to body habitus."

So obviously, it could go both ways, it could have been lowered or higher...hopefully lower lol.

Thanks everyone for the support.

Where can a person get a fibro scan? I work at a medical center, but don't think I've ever heard of this? and the LIVERFAST test?

Hi, for me, my primary doctor order a fibroscan since my liver functions were high. I’m in the US, Kaiser Permanente is my medical provider. I would assume your primary doctor would be able to refer you to a fibroscan.

LiverFast test I learned about it on this forum, I believe you can find the link here, the registration is online and then after you pay , they send you to a local lab , collect your blood and get your results via online.

thank you so much! :-)

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