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Fatty liver help please

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Are there holistic doctors in Iowa who can work with fatty liver in the Des Moines area cuz that's where I'm from and I don't drive I'm very tired very weak I want to heal from this but I'm at a loss because every time I go to the doctor they tell me all it's just a little bit of a fatty liver help

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Change your diet. Google recommended diet for fatty liver. Look at several web pages on the subject.

Resistance training exercises are best for fatty liver. That, and changing your diet.

I'm in Kansas so I can't help you with finding a naturopath. But honestly, google the above, put it into practice a few weeks and see how it goes.

Make sure it's only fatty liver? Be sure there's nothing else going on with your liver just to be safe. Otherwise, the above should really make some difference.

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I just found out I have fatty liver I’m scared got my results off my Kp.org app. It’s friday night have to wait until Monday to talk to my doctor. I’m not ready to die not now, I have to go da whole weekend with this on my mine it is very scary.

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It is life changing. Diet and exercise help. Don't panic! Do some reading. I got some good information from fattyliverfoundatio.org/fa

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The only way to help you reverse your fatty liver is life style change. Keeping to a healthy diet, losing weight if needed, exercise and if you drink alcohol stop.

Eat healthy, no processed foods, sweets, high fructose foods, salty, fried foods, or much carbs and exercise...at least a 30min walk each day.

What about chease

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No cheese. No fat, no dairy no fruit.

Ypy need to see a naturopath or functional meds doctor. Forget Western meds. Google Dr Mercola, Mark Hyman and Daniel Pompa, Dr Tom O Bryan.

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