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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH

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Recentely diagnosed with NASH? Here is some general information that can help you in your search for understanding.

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We recently completed an educational document about NASH which we hope will be of value to you. It is designed for people early in the journey and provides an information base to build on as you learn about the disease. (Useful for oldtimers too I hope) Here is a link to it.

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Wayne, I want to give you a great big hug!

No diagnosis yet, but I just know I'm getting closer thanks to you. You've set my course straight. I had lost my game plan. Specialist after specialist. I was trying to guess and make sense of why I feel so bad. ER again and again with always the same ending...

Just a quick question. Did you have gall bladder stones?

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nash2Partner in reply to AllHis

I did have them. Had my gallbladder removed in 2010. It was then I first learned of cirrhosis.

Thank you

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