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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Is poor circulation caused by fibrosis?

I can't keep my arms above my head. This makes it near impossible to wash my hair (among other things), and when I do I get tired and light headed (very dangerous when in a shower to be light headed). Is there any chance this is related to my fibrosis and/or related digestive problems, or is it something else? I have chronically low blood pressure but not so low that doctors worry, and occasionally suffer palpitations but they can't find anything wrong with my hearty or circulation. I do experience extreme chronic fatigue and have since I was about 12 but never had an explanation for it, so I've been blaming it on malnutrition and fibrosis

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poor circulation is generally not a symptom of liver disease in the sense that it isn't controlled directly by the liver. There are complications like muscle wasting that are a result of poor protein digestion that is related to liver disease. The liver also produces a lot of hormones and other chemicals that can affect all parts of the body so a cirrhosis patient can experience a lot of difference problems. These are just general thoughts, of course, as it isn't possible to tell you anything specific to your case but you might ask your doctor about these issues.

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Thay would make sense. Ive experienced a slow but steady breakdown of muscle tissue for decades. My sides and the inside of my upper arms are also very tender all the time. My shins are usually the same but in the last month they stopped hurting (though i think theyre starting to again)


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