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I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy in July 2018, there has been an improvement but I was still referred to the NHS facial nerve clinic, I've been getting Botox which has really helped and the improvement is vastly noticeable. We have discussed the option of surgery which I am considering, has anyone else done this? My issue stems with the tightness of the muscle in my neck and the Botox relaxes this and improves overall facial movement. Would anyone know of a clinic that specifically does Botox for Bells Palsy patients in London? I will need to wait until July for my next appointment and feel I really need treatment before then.


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Most of the NHS specialists will have private practices. Have you looked on Google to see if your NHS specialist has a private clinic?

Bell's is due to damaged facial nerves. It's thought to be due to viral infections but that is just a guess. I suspect that it may sometimes be due to nerve damage caused by B12 deficiency. Hence the best treatment may well be every other day injections. I suggest you discuss with your doctor.

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