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Newly Diagnosed on the 12th March 2016

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I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy on the 12th March & I've felt absolutely exhausted. I have found the support from my GP awful, I have basically been told just to get on with it.  

I hear a lot of people talking about vitamin B12 what benefits does this have with Bells Palsy? 

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Hey, I felt exhausted with Bell's Palsy too, it's best to just rest when you feel like you need it. I had terrible GP support too unfortunately, so I understand how rubbish that can make you feel. I personally took vitamin B because I found some information on a random forum that there was weak evidence to suggest it might be helpful with nerve regrowth. I figured even though it was unlikely that it would actually help, it definitely wouldn't hurt, so I took one every day. I hope that answers your question!

Thanks.  I have started to take vitamin b complex as I thought I have nothing to lose. 

Hi Taylorsaunders, I think you are right in that you should try anything that is suggested would help the condition. Even though it's results may be very week or little to none. That is still the right attitude to have when trying to recover from any affliction. I do still recommend the Acupressure, and Electrostimulation as well. Because' having spent 10 years in the Orient, and 4 years there in the study of Oriental Medicine, I have found it to be a very positive, and strong healing medicine. It is designed to promote new cell growth, and recover muscle and nerve mobility.


I do not know either what are the advantages of taking B12, does anyone know.....  I have been offered injections, would they be better, l too have found GP help useless.

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I have BP from February, I asked my GP about B12 (tablet form). He explained that B12 can't be digested in this form, this is why they give injections where the patient has a b12 deficiency. So if offered I would say take the injections. Hope you feel better soon.

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senseimikey in reply to hOuton

True: little to no metallic vitamin can be absorbed into the system where it needs to be, in fact, most of it passes right on through the body, helping in no way at all. However there is a liquid form that comes from plants in stead of minerals that does help a little more.

But it cost about $25.00 a bottle for a months use. It is produced by a company called "longevity" I have found all there products work better. especially for energy.

I think anyone with Bells, would find greater results with Acupressure Message however!

Thanks for your time.

It is thought that B12 is an essential nutrient for nerve regeneration.  I was diagnosed with BP approx. 6 months ago.  From the research I have done methylcobalamin is the active ingredient in B12 that actually works so check this out.  In Australia I haven't been able to buy this unfortunately.  Instead I looked at foods that have high sources of B12 - this mainly comes from animal foods.  Here is a useful website -

My GP was useless also and did not offer any advice.  The best thing I was told was to AVOID STRESS, and GET SLEEP!  Easier said than done in my situation as I had a newborn but I have made a conscious effort to do this and boost my immune system by eating as healthily as possible.  After three months I started to visibly recover and my energy levels have been getting better and better.  

I was diagnosed with Bells 8 weeks ago and have been taking 1000ug B12 for 7 weeks and still taking 1 tablet every day even though now you can hardly tell I've had any paralysis thankfully.  I take it that you are in the UK, if so I purchased my B12 from Holland & Barrett cost just over £13.00 for 100 time release tablets. I have also totally avoided alcohol......Its been a long 2 months still have some pain and fatigue but I am so thankful for my recovery but if I can support others and give positive hope I'll help even after my full recovery.  

Hi I got BP in 1998 due to Chicken pox virus, the Doctor was no help at all saying 98% fully recover.My left eye was fixed open and mouth dropped,I was given cream and tape to stop the eye drying. After two weeks the same happened to the right side then I was admitted to hospital and given a course of steroids. Thankfully the right side returned to normal but the left never has. Leaving the left eye lid weakened and prone to watering alot and noticeably looks bigger. The left side of my mouth has little to no movement at all when I smile,leaving my face looking contorted giving me low self esteem. This condition only improves if I get plenty of rest and keep the stress to a minimum. I'm hoping that soon it will be possible to replace the damaged nerve by stitching in a new one,but this is not an easy procedure as nerves are like a jelly type substance. Hope this has helped 😒

Hi Jash68. Sorry to hear that your left side has not come back! But I did find when my eye would not close at all, after 3 days of it being taped closed at night and using the cream the GP ordered, I decided that was not for me! I nearly tore my eye lids off trying to get the tape off lol.

So I began my own Therapy Which included relaxing my face then focusing on winking my left eye. This was very, very hard at first, and would not close at all for first couple days, but I kept trying and also used Acupressure and Electrostimulation on my face.

It has only been 3 weeks, and now my left smile is nearly normal, and my eye stopped watering and drying out with in 5 days, and I now have 98% of mobility back in that side. I recommend you give it a try.

Stimulation only 20 min. twice a day works wonders.

Thanks for your time.

Hi just to recommend a lot of gently excercises but also to apply little warm on the affected area. Physio is the key . Move the mouth, open, close, blow but also the eyes close open or one by one. It is very imporant to keep doing excercises all your life to prevent it happen again. I still have problem in my eye but it is minimal compared with the palsy time

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