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Ear and neck pain


Hi All

I was diagnosed with bells palsy 15 days ago. I have just finished my course of steroids ( prednisolone) and have now started getting pain. The pain is in and the ear on the paralysed side and down into the neck .

I have also noticed though that both sides of my glands in my neck seem to be tender and slightly puffy and I feel quite run down. I was wondering if it is possible I have picked up an infection? I still have no movement in the left side of my face although my eye can close at the same time as the other although it doesn't stay shut. I am taking paracetamol for the pain although it isn't helping and using a wheat bag which gives me some relief.

I have been doing accupuncture, taking b12 vitamins and I have my first neuro physio appointment on Friday. I am also signed off work currently and trying to rest as much as possible.

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything glandular or advice about the pain ? Im generally a very happy positive person but it's starting to get me down now.

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Hi Sophie, I am about 6 months into BP and I definitely had an increase in pain at about the 2-4 week mark. It was primarily the exterior of my ear on the affected side and my neck. I saw an ent to rule out an ear infection. Mostly I took Advil and used hot and cold cloths/compresses on area until I bought a heating pad. You are doing all the right things; although I think it's worth consulting with a nuero physical therapist I am not sure what they can do or teach you to do at this point while everything is still paralyzed. It's a pretty long haul, this BP, atleast it has been for me. Try as much as you can to be patient and realize that you are the same person you were before BP and try not to let it affect your self esteem. Good luck,

Sophielyse in reply to lsully

Thank you for your reply. I think I'm going to ask my neuro therapist on Friday when I see them and see if they suggest going back to my GP. Patience isn't a virtue of mine ha ha but I am trying to stay positive and get out little and often. Been using ibruprofen today alongside paracetamol and that's helped plus my heat pad is amazing. It's good to know that the pain is something that's been felt by many and although not nice as least it's not unusual! I hope you start to recover soon!

Hi sophie I am 24 days of Bells and after i stopped my Prednisone i also had face pain to that side and swelling, but I started taking CBD 5MG white chocolate covered blueberries which is infused with cannabis oil, it has no THC, so there is no high feeling effect its for imflammation, any ways the next day the pain was gone!! I ate one 5mg candy everyday until they were gone 10 days. Pain is still gone and no pain. Something to consider. I also have movement to my eyebrow and smile but my eye is still slow to change /:

sorry to hear the pain you are encountering. Unfortunately. It seems this type of pain is rather normal in the recovery process. I too have it. The pain on my ear comes and goes at various stages , I’m now 18 months from onset. I recommend hot compresses, followed by gentle massage. There are specific drugs to give pain relief due to nerves etc. May be worth checking with your gp. I use declonefec for general pain relief . I had a puffy face/ neck for best part of a year. It’s a good thing you can close your eye at this stage,it bodes well for your recovery.

It’s a total pain this recovery. Sometimes it does bring me down, but I see improvement It’s all very gradual. I get Botox for pain relief which really helps with pain and means I can do more exercises to help recovery. In my experience,gps don’t tend to have much knowledge about Bells . If problems continue for you, you will get better support from a specialist clinic. It keeps me sane!

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