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Bells Palsy neck pain.

I was diagnosed with bells palsy yesterday, after waking up to all the usual symptoms, and now find myself with neck pain on the bells side(right) on the upper neck and behind the ear. my doc put me on Prednisolon 20mg, and was wondering if anyone has had any results over a 1 week course. Can anyone recommend any other solutions? would appreciate somwe feedback. Many thanks. Jon.

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So sorry to hear that you have Bell's palsy, fortunately your GP is on the case a prompt treatment of prednisone is a good way to go about it. Now you have to take it easy and be patient. Don't undertake any facial treatment for at least six weeks to give your nerves a chance to recover. Lots of rest is recommended and keep away from the cold. Patience, patience and patience for the time being. Also get yourself a referral to physio to help with facial exercises.

Good luck

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Sorry to hear about your BP. I am also recently diagnosed...21 days ago... I found the pain post steriods almost harder to deal with than the palsy... neck, face, ear pain included. I have been taking regular ibuprofen which is helping a little...but am going back to GP tomorrow ( if appt available!) to ask about more pain relief and symptomatic control... a friend of mine who had Bell’s recommended this as a plan of action.

I use the NICE guidance as my go to...https://cks.nice.org.uk/bells-palsy#!scenario

But unfortunately it doesn’t seem to go into as much detail as i think ‘sufferers’ need to aid medical understanding of those in the profession perhaps do not have as much experience of this.

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I have actually had more understaning and support from this forum!


hi Mrs B. i read your post on leaving the house and falling down, and wanted to tell you "chin up". Mental health is a very important part of the healing proses. and I would also like to thank Chantev for the words of wisdom. It is, if anything, a comforting feeling knowing that there are other people out there struggling with the same thing. on a lighter note....had some blood taken yesterday, and I asked the nurse to take as much as possible. of course she asked me why, so I explained the situ. and asked if they were going to test for HERPES as well as for lymes disease. Well, her face was a picture. I think she was looking for a second pair of gloves.:-) Going to look into some alternative medicines. will keep you all posted. Many thanks again.


I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy in March 2018. One day I was at dinner with a friend eating salmon dip and shrimp skewers. immediately I noticed my lips going numb. it was the same feeling I've gotten at the doctor's office with novicain. I mentioned it to my friend, stopped eating the salmon dip but continued with the shrimp skewers. my tingling and numbness progressed. by the time I appetizers were over, my mouth was so numb that food was falling out as I chewed. very embarrassing.

however, I assumed it was a seafood allergy. the next morning, I woke up to half my face paralyzed. I didn't know if it was so allergic reaction or stroke. so I did internet research and became afraid of stroke signs.

after emergency room visit, I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. I was disappointed. my face paralysis lasted about 3 months. visually it is not noticeable anymore. but underneath the surface, I have a constant sharp pain in my left cheek, still to this day. if I smile or touch my cheek, I get this tinder sore spot in the same location on my left cheek, right underneath my cheekbone -- still to this day.

additional pain includes my neck. every single night I have trouble sleeping. I'm up typing this and reading online because I cannot sleep.

my personal theory, is that the muscles in my face that were initially paralyzed are connected to other muscle in my neck. after my diagnosis, I believe that my neck muscles begin to weaken due to inactivity. it's almost as if my neck is no longer strong enough to support my head.

I have neck pains on both sides. I honestly have not had a nights rest, or nap without pain in my neck. sometimes the muscles in my neck ache and harden that I need to massage it to be facilitate relief. every doctor visits prove very dismissive. they each tell me that no pain is associated with Bell's Palsy. but I know that I've never had this issue until after Bell's Palsy.

does anyone else has subsequent aches and pains after Bell's Palsy diagnosis?


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