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Reassurance needed : (

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I was diagnosed today with Bells Palsy. I was treated for an ear infection as I kept hearing a “whooshing” sound in my left ear however 24 hours ago and felt a little less control of my left side of my face. I asked a friend if she thought my face had dropped and she said ever so slightly. I’ve been given 10 days of steroids and anti viral tablets but worried this is going to get worse. I’ve not coped tonight very well at all. Does it seem as if I’ve caught it on the early stages? Visually, it’s hard to tell but I can see the change. I can close my eyes normal and I can still whistle, I just feel my left side is weaker than the right. Any advice would be appreciated. Also thinking of taking Vitamin B12, B6 and Zinc alongside my other shed load of daily tabs I have to take : (

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Sounds like you caught it early as I did, mine lasted 2 weeks, I couldn't close my eyes and my face dropped, I just rested as much as I could, the tablets knocked me about thow, h opened you feel better soon

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TracyH37 in reply to Suze40

I have been able to close both eyes. I feel grateful for the symptoms I have in comparison to what I’ve seen. Did you have steroids and antiviral tabs suze? I need to see about taking vitamins too but I can check with a pharmacy I guess on that. Thank you too for responding, I really appreciate it x

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Suze40 in reply to TracyH37

Hey yes I had the steroids and antiviral tablets, they knocked me about that much but started to feel human again after finishing the course, I take vitamin b12 and multivitamins x

Hi Tracy

It sounds as though you are having the right treatment, not sure that there is any evidence that B12 helps, although I take it. Hopefully, you are not too badly affected and will recover within a few weeks. I agree with Suze that rest in the initial stages is very important and also some gently face massage.

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TracyH37 in reply to Janeygill

I really hope so, thanks for takin the time to message me Janey, really appreciate it xx

I had bells palsy nearly 30yrs ago when expecting my daughter,they thought I had a stroke when I went to the pharmacy,so got an emergency appointment at docs,they didn't give me anything as pregnant,but now iam thinking of botox as I dribble a lot,as it upsets me.

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TracyH37 in reply to Dee-ivy06

Thanks for your reply. I have read that Botox can have benefits so it did also cross mind but as my face is almost back to normal il just leave it be. I hope you get something that helps you out moving forward xx

Tracy I had palsy after an operation so I am not typical in every detail. In my case the whooshing was so loud I thought there was a building site nearby and I was hearing a pile driver [I had an acoustic neuroma resulting in hydrocephalus]. In fact I think it was the blood whooshing through my head I was hearing.

What helped me was a determination not to give up. I had quite severe palsy [at least I thought so and the sufferer's view is what is important not other's perspective] and I invented my own completely self invented treatment [absolutely no medical background] of slapping/tapping my face in traffic jams [ plenty in Edinburgh] or on the bus and practising blinking when lying in bed morning and night[perhaps the effect of gravity was weakened allowing me to open and shut my eye]. Maybe it did nothing , but it was at least doing something which felt positive and was good for morale.

What really helped me was a course of acupuncture and moxibustion from a neighbour trained in China in their medical techniques. I wonder if pre-emptive action on these lines might help.

If there is talk of recovery plateauing out, I do not believe it. Like climbing mountains when you get to the top there is always another peak to aim for. My experience is that the improvements get harder to spot but it did not stop me climbing. Severe as it was I can now look in a mirror and smile.

Please keep smiling Norman

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TracyH37 in reply to Seeujimmy

Thanks so much for your reply Norman. Great to hear that you didn’t let BP get you down and you stayed positive throughout. Visually you wouldn’t know I’ve had BP unless I physically point it out. I seem to be on the road to recovery now after the steroids although my face and eye has been twitching quite a bit today and in recent days which I’ve been advised is the nerves restoring themselves which is great news. I hope you recover 100% and thanks again Norman.

How are doing now?

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