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Bell's palsy after 70 days

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I think my bell's palsy caused by ear infection after 50 days I noticed movement around my lips and after 1 week I got movement on my cheeks but its like 30% not to good and also what I'm noticing that when I try to move my left side means bell's palsy side I hear sound in my ear whenever I try to move I think something in my ear is blocking that movement the sound is like dug dug... I'm still facing pain under ear and behind ear only when I touch. I also went to doctor and he told me we can't do anything we have to wait .I also prescribed vitamin b , prednisone and one more medicine don't remember the name . I ate 50 day's vitamin b and after 50 days when I went to doctor he told me not to eat more .

So now I am only using drops and eye patch for my eye. Not doing anything else for my bell's palsy means not eating any medicine.

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I have had Bells Palsy for 4and1/2 months now. In the last few weeks my mouth has improved but I also get the noise you describe when I try to move the paralysed side. Does feel like a blockage and the sound is a bit like a motor bike trying to start up. I’m hoping it is a sign of recovery but will ask when I have my first appointment at the Facial Palsy clinic in East Grinstead. It has been a long 4 month wait.

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Thanks for the reply and yes it does feel like a blockage and I'm also feeling twitches on my eyebrow. I start noticing it after 50 days. But tomorrow I'm meeting my doctor. I will ask her what does this blockage type of thing means. The thing that I can say is hope for the best...... :)

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I also have had an ear that feels "blocked" after Bells Palsy. The paralysis has gone away but the ear has been blocked for more than 3 months now. The sound in my ear is like a whooshing sound and seems to correspond with my heartbeat. I have gone to a specialist and he can't figure out what it is either. Has anyone else had this and recovered? I hate to think I will have to put up with this forever.

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I went to a specialist facial palsy clinic 4 weeks ago. I am now almost 8 months since onset. The consultant thought the ear problem was not entirely typical so ordered an MRI scan which I will have in 2 days time. I also start specialist facial palsy physio on that day. Should get result of MRI at the end of February. Will update then.

I too, am waiting for the result of an mri, and my ear feels like it needs to ‘pop’ ....

Hi I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you were ever able to figure out your ear issue? I’ve had Bell’s palsy almost 3 months and approx 1 month ago the ear congestion feels as if it needs to pop as you said. It’s driving me crazy so would love to know if yours went away?

I’m currently in the same position too! I’m week 3 into my second go of Bell’s palsy (first 7 years ago and recovered very quickly), but this time I have really ‘blocked’ ear sensation and normal sounds seem REALLY loud! When I blow my nose my ears bubble and pop but it doesn’t clear the kinda deafness I feel! I’ve explained it to the drs and it’s shrugged off abit. I’m waiting for an MRI scan but it’s not been out as urgent so could be waiting a while! I’m debating going back to the drs about my ears again but don’t know if this maybe just a waiting game for them to come back to normal naturally.

Started taking b12 to see!


Wow, I do wonder if there is a connection as it seems strange that so many of us have had ear issues. I had a MRI early on but that was only to rule out if a tumor or something else could have caused my BP. I am going to try to book an appointment with a ENT to see what they might think. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for the reply :)

Hi again! 😊

Well, the first dr I saw said about the ear issues to me and said about it perhaps being a muscle in my ear on the side affected, being ‘paralysed’ with Bell’s palsy, and hopefully would ‘right itself’. But when I mentioned it in a more recent appointment I saw a different dr and he said ‘shouldn’t have ear problems with bells palsy’, so this is putting me off going again to mention about it! I think my general GP’s don’t know much about Bell’s palsy but also finding them not too helpful with knowing where to refer me to, other than sending me for a MRI which I’m waiting and waiting for.

I hope you have more luck with your drs than me! & have are feeling better ASAP too! 😊

Bell’s palsy is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It affects the 7th cranial nerve which is behind the ear. My symptons began with ear pain about a week before facial drooping. As I said I am 14 years out. My mouth still droops a tiny bit and my eye shuts when I drink or smile. This is from the nerves redirecting their pathways. I wish there was a facial palsy center I could have gone to but I did my own exercises every day. As I stated before cranial sacram massage is wonderful. It loosens all of the tight muscles in your head. It’s all a matter of time. It will get better!

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