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Recovery from ramsy hunt 2 years post


Hi to all Ramsy Hunt patients! I have had a very bad case of this notable virus for 2 years and 4 mo. I am recovering very slow and have been going to a natural physical therapist, chiropractor, yoga therapist, and it has been a slow recovery..i am getting better tho and do not let anyone tell you you may not get better...just keep praying and believing...God can do don't give up!!! B your own advocate !! And keep researching.. nutrishion is extremely important!!! I have added acupunture ..only one treatment so far but feel less inflamation and stiffness just a little improved but I feel this will be the icing on the healing cake..keep going don't give up..all things are possible with God in the driver's seat!! I am i0 percent better but I'm going for 100!!! God bless u all...yiu are all very strong..and it will b ok... Suzy

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