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Hi all , I am new to this web site . I had BP when I was 14 years old and did not make a full recovery . I started to receive Botox when I was 35 and then I got it again when I was 40 but received steroids Ect and made a quick recovery . 4 years later in 2014 I got it again and was in a lot of pain ,after seeing more consultants in this field they still have no reason why I should get it again . I still receive Botox . Is there anyone else that has had this more then once , ?

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  • I originally had it 15 years ago and again in 2013, but also a minor relapse in June this year. Mine is triggered by viruses, including colds. I am avoiding the botox route (I have a needle phobia) at the moment and having physio, which I started just over a year ago. It's certainly working and the left side of my face is the best it's looked in 15 years. Been given impression not common to have it more than once and certainly not all in the same side. Been told to avoid getting run down or getting viruses. Hope this helps.

  • On our website, Nicola has had this four times now, we still need to add an update about her latest episode:


    Laura has had it three times:


    Victoria twice:


  • I've had it twice - Once when I was 14, from which my face retained residual problems, and again when I was 19 on the other side, which recovered after about a month thankfully. Have been getting botox for about a year now which helps with some symmetry problems around my eye. Am 27 now and haven't had another recurrence yet, but I expect it to probably happen again at some point down the line. I just try to keep healthy and keep my stress levels down. Meditation helps I find.

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