Bell's palsy 3 weeks still can't move half left face

I am on day 24 with bell's palsy now I don't have pain in my head back of ear but on the neck when I touch it hurts. I am taking vitamin b and took steroid for 1 week and took prednisone for 2 weeks. The problem is I still can't move my half left face and can't taste . Now I am feeling really depressed I am not feeling positive .3 weeks and still no movement not even twitches.

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  • I actually was worse 3 weeks down the line than when I started. I only started seeing small gradual improvement after 6 weeks. It has steadily built up being a positive improvement. I am now 6 months since onset. I do have a number of problems with recovery, but I am so much better than I was. From what I have seen from others, everyone has a different recovery, and I would not lose hope. I had a lot of unhelpful comments from people trying to make me feel better, telling me about how they knew someone with BP who recovered in a couple of weeks or so. When I didn't improve like these examples, and in fact got worse, I felt really fed up. From my experience give it time, it can be a great healer.

  • I had it years ago hun, if you are experiencing pain it's a good sign , mine moved back after a month but it does become painful but a clear sign your nerves are working again x

  • I'm on 4th week now in 2nd week it was worse pain and now I feel when I touch my 3 or 4 days Also I'm also feeling tightness on my bell's palsy side and sometimes twitches on my head not on mouth . Anything do u know about this...

  • Hi hun yep good sign, means your nerves are starting to work again and it's prob moving back, ☺ When mine was going back omg !!!! It hurt and ached worse than any tooth ache , plus my eyes went really blood shot....If it starts to hurt go see your Dr, don't suffer , they gave me pain relief xxx Its like your face won't stop whinging but it's all good x

  • Yeah hun some folks it can take longer apparently, there's no set time but I think after a certain time, they can perform some sort of op to 're attach nerves or something, I remember a Dr at hospital saying something xxx My aunt still has a bent nose from hers but it's not bothered her because she didn't want anything doing, plus it's part of her character now xxx I can relate to how low it's making u hun as i felt so low and sobbed most nights xxx Have you been to talk to Dr to see if they can help xxx x

  • Thanks for telling me good stuff feeling good now and yes I went to doctor on these 4 weeks 3 or 4 time .she didn't told me anything help ful she only told me to take the medicine.

  • Stay positive hun, xxx and don't let it rule your life, .... I had so many stupid comments at work etc but just ignore , I used to think and u think your invincible and nothing can happen to you, well they are so wrong, screw em☺ xxx

  • Thanks.. 😊

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