Hi I developed Bells Palsy about 5 weeks ago, following 5-6days of one sided earache and a sore throat. The pain did get worse and since treatment has subsided. I am now taking Amitriptiline for the continuing neuralgic pain. There has been a lot of improvement symptomwise, but the tiredness is awful, and as my eyes are not fully synchronised yet it is difficult to concentrate for any length of time. Please tell me that this will improve as I do want to resume work at some point!

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  • Louise

    So sorry about BP, it is so unfortunate to get it. I sincerely hope it will get better but you will need to take good care of yourself and take it easy. Each case is different and recovery is entirely depending on the level of the palsy. Be positive, you will go back to work in due course, more to the point take plenty of rest. This forum is a great vehicle for support and advice, hope you find some comfort.

    Best wishes


  • I work 12hr shifts which may be a problem, I am considering asking for redeployment but then wouldn't have too much choice over where I would go. Shift work (as I have been doing for some years now) is obviously taking its toll on my health. I also experience SAD. I suspect, as I am finding in my recovery, that when I am tired symptoms are more evident. Thanks for your response.

  • Hi.

    I had bells palsy a few years back. The tiredness will go but you must get lots of rest. My dr told me that the tiredness was due to post viral infection which is common. I got back to work but needed a lot of rest still for a few months.

    Take care


  • Thanks for your response. I do 12hr shifts (shift work) & will need to look at possible redeployment to regular, shorter shifts to cope better. I also experience SAD which doesn't help!

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