son is nearly 7 and still poos himself

I am at my wits end iv tried everything from book reading on the toilet, legs on a chair whilst on the loo, blowing a balloon, trips to the park etc for rewards, were currently using a jar and each time he poos on the loo he gets a piece of pasta in it and a treat from the jar once its full he gets to pick something he wants with his money he earns, but noting seems to work. i am a single mum of 2 (baby is nearly 5 weeks) my main worry now is he will be going to junior school in sept and we all know what kids are like as they get older. It used to be a problem due to the fear of it hurting he used to hold on week at a time sometimes longer but now hes on movicol everyday his poos are soft its down to laziness im sure but i dont know how to get him out of it, its really stressful situation, if anyone can help me i thank you in advance

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  • Pooing yourself or soiling usually happens because of constipation. ERIC have loads of information on their website and you can email them or call them i'm sure they'll be able to help. i found them fantastic when i needed some help yesterday.

  • hes not constipated that was the reason it all started years ago but hes on movicol everyday and it makes his bowles loose/soft. thanks for the advice how do i contact eric please?? bit new to all this kinda stuff, thank u xx

  • You may find it useful to talk to your GP about the dosage of Movicol your son needs to have a soft sausage shaped poo which is easily passed ideally once a day or once every other day.

    The ERIC website is where you'll find a section dedicated to constipation and soiling and there's also a message board for parents to share information and support. YOu can email ERIC at or call our helpline on 0845 370 8008 on Mondays and Wednesday between 9.30am and 4.30pm when someone will be able to speak to you.

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  • Are you sure he's not soiling. My daughter does a small amount in her pants to relieve the pressure so she can then withhold. The only thing that works for her is including a stimulant (sodium picosulphate) which increases her urge to go. She's on a very high dose but working well

  • Sounds silly but has helped my son who's 7. Before going to the loo play a game, get him to crouch like a frog and then stand and repeat. We do it to silly songs to make it more interesting we do this for about 2 minuets before our regular timed sits (same time everyday 15 minuets after eating) it's helped him poo more out. Sorry not good at explaining! My son has withheld for so long that he has no feeling and his colon is so stretched and full. He goes a better amount if that makes sense with the help of the movical and lots of drinks

    Any things worth trying

  • I love that tip! Great idea. I often get my daughter to jump up and down a lot when I can see she needs to poo. Often helps!

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