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Desmomelts not working

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Hi, does anyone have any advice of next steps? My 8yr old daughter has been on desmomelts 240 for a month now with no results whatsoever. We're trying to get her to drink more during the day to stretch her bladder but she's not great at drinking, even with squash. I'm not keen on using the alarm as she's already a bad sleeper. Any advice appreciated! 😊

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Hi I would go back to your peaditritian and ask for movlicoil and sodium pico she will need to drink extra to keep her hydrated she needs to tell herself it's to help her bowels work.

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Thank you, I should have been clearer, she has no issues with her bowel it's purely wetting the bed at night. 🙈😊

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Yes it's the meds my daughter wears a pad in bed will get out to go toilet in the night but she always wet .try to limit drinking a hour before bed time .Toilet sit 4 to 8mins .

OK thank you, I'll speak to her paediatric nurse again 😊

Thee only way is to wean off her bowel meds by peaditritian advice first if her bowels are working normal I can't see their be a issue .then her bladder will be able to function normal.

We’ve been on Desmomelt for over 2 years and only this week has the (useless) consultant prescribed something different, so there are other options. We have seen an improvement, but my biggest issue is waiting an hour after eating/drinking and then another hour after that. It’s not possible for us. Personally we found the bed wetting alarm quite effective after a while. If you do change your mind, I suggest starting it during half term or school holidays when it might not matter so much that she’s had a disrupted sleep. Good luck! x

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Oh OK that's really helpful thank you! 😊

Hello, my son had/has bed wetting problems too. At age 10 he was on 240 mg desmomelts I think twice a day but this didn’t help so he was then told to sit on the toilet for at least 15 minutes every time he needed the toilet this was to re-programme his brain to bladder connection. He was also put on 2.5mg oxybutynin hydrochloride. This gave him more confidence on school residentials.He’s always been told to drink as much as possible during the day which we really pushed, buying his favourite drink- fresh orange juice and also ice lollies. He stopped the meds about 2 years later. He’s now 14 and still has the occasional accident when he doesn’t drink enough during the day. He knows he has to drink so has a pint glass of squash before school and when home from school. They have got to see the connection between drinking and wetting and want to stop. It took my son quite a while unfortunately. It WILL get better!

Thank you so much that's really encouraging! I'll keep pushing the drinking 😊

Try ice pops and ice lollies while its getting warmer, she won't know its water and basicly a drink. It might help. Soup is liquid. Plenty fruit and veg sweet corn with lunch or tea. I found a bag of flaxseed in aldi it has 9g of fibre in, can go with anything even bake with it. My children have it on their cereal. Hope this helps

That's a great idea thank you! 😊

Hi just wondered if this has worked for you. Chia seeds help too they go in anything. X

Hi, thanks for checking in! we're managing to get her to drink more during the day, the hot weather has helped with that, and having ice lollies and soup, and her night-time pull ups have been less full than before so that's good. We have no problems with her bowels, she all good on that side. It's just the night time wetting that hasn't stopped. Her identical twin sister stopped at 5years old, so it's hard for her not to feel like it's unfair that she hasn't become dry yet.

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