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Desmomelts no longer working

Hi this is my first post in this forum. My daughter is almost 9 and has been taking Desmomelts for night time wetting on and off for a couple of months. Back in September we seemed to have great success with them and she was dry more often than wet. However by December 2016 they no longer seemed to be effective. She is not taking them now and we are moving towards the next step of trying an alarm to wake her at night.

Does anyone have any thoughts about why the Desmomelts stopped working having originally been effective? Also, any thoughts about the alarm? I seem to read a lot of negative posts!


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Not sure about desmomelts as never worked at all. W be tried lots of medication & nothing has worked at all. My son never woke up to bed alarm mattress type as every time there was a bit of sweat it went off. He never work up to any others. We are using the Erik alarm - Malem ultimate 1 + record. This one has vibrate, noise & the option to record e.g. Mum's voice saying wake up & go to the toilet. He isn't dry yet but he does wake up to it & seeing a bit of progress (he's 13). Good luck!


I don't know about the desmomelts, they never worked at all for my son, but he then had an alarm. For him, the alarm had him dry consistently within two weeks. He hated the alarm, when it went off he curled in a ball with his hands over his ears! But it woke us to get him to the bathroom & he actually did stop urinating when it was going off. So for a week it was fairly tough, he hated it & battled over it (he was only 5 or 6 at the time), but we perservered. As he got more dry nights he got more confident in wearing it & quickly he was consistently dry.

Good luck xx


Our alarm clipped on his pants & pyjama top & made a different sound each time it went off.


Desmos worked for us sort of... a bit... well actually not really, I think it was mostly wishful thinking on my part :) But it was a lot better when combined with something for her overactive bladder. I think it's probably trial and error really in terms of the right approach - and sometimes they like to let things run to see what happens over time. Have you got another appointment in the diary to follow up your prescription, cos if not do get one? You need to tell them it's so patchy.

I was told this week that it is sometimes good if you can keep a wee note of when she's dry and wet and see if any patterns emerge... don't know if that's a helpful idea for you or not...


Is she drinking the same amount? If her fluid intake has dropped this can have the effect of the desmopressin appearing to not work. Also although each tablet is a mini treatment per night given that it lasts for 8 hrs before it is completely metabolised, the longer it is consistently taken, the better the effect. Vasopressin production in children with bedwetting can be erratic and you would see it as peaks and troughs on a graph.

The alarm is successful for the right child. A child who will wake to external noise, storms, alarms etc can be good candidate. A child who does not wake to storms or phone ringtones or is very difficult to wake in the morning is not such a good choice.


Thank you all for your replies...I've been away and unable to log in, hence my delayed response!

It's so helpful to hear other peoples stories and to consider things such as a drop in fluid intake which might affect desmopressin working. Thank you for taking the time to reply!

Interestingly enough we have had some major progress without the alarm or medication! After our last appointment I decided I would try waking my daughter before I went to bed (something we had been advised wasn't worth doing unless the child was fully awake when going to the toilet). I admit she never remembers in the morning that she walked to the bathroom so this is probably not the way forward however she has been dry 4 out of 5 nights!! It really feels like progress because it means she is able to stop herself from weeing between 10.30/11pm and 7am. She is so pleased with herself too which makes a huge difference to self-esteem etc.

The alarm arrived this morning so we will see how we get on with that. I'm concerned it won't wake her but I thought I might try sleeping in her room for a few nights (ugh!) so that I can help wake her up until she gets into the habit (hopefully!).

I'll keep you posted...!


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