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Is this normal

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Hi folks

I’m currently going through the disimpaction process with my 4yr old . Poo is just consently running from her - is that normal and it stinks like a sweet smell - I’m just wondering if it’s going in the right direction ?

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What is she on and how much? How long have you been disimpacting for?

She is on laxido started last Thursday but there was issues with getting the laxido into the chemist so she never had any Sunday or Monday. She had 1 sachet last night and has had 3 so far today.. I was researching more last night and listened to a pod cast where they said not to give her the stimulant if doing the disimpaction - spoke to health visitor and dr said there’s nothing else they can do - I want her properly examined and scanned to see what damage there is no one is listening to me I’m 18 months down the line nothing is better

You can absolutely add a stimulant and in fact should be added after a week as per the Nice Guidelines for disimpacting. You need to work up to the maximum dose for her age which is 8 sachets per day, stay there until you achieve watery stools with no lumps consistently for three days then reduce down extremely slowly ie one sachet every three days until you reach a suitable maintenance dose to remain on. You need to ensure that they are drinking plenty of liquids on top of the laxative as this does not count towards their daily allowance of fluids. It is unlikely any damage has been done, but getting her disimpacted properly is key to resolving the issues.

Is it all watery if so how long have it been like this x

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It’s not watery yet still a lot of wet poo

Keep going

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Keep going 💪 u got this x

Just keep going and increase dose gradually

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