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Help with weaning

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My 1 year old granddaughter does not seem to swallow any solid food. She put it in her mouth and then spit it out … what should we do to encourage her to swallow. She also does not want to use a spoon…

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Give it time, she is still young.

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I do agree but any idea why she spits everything out?

perfectly normal with babies, they are exploring their food.

Something to try, sitting her at the table at family meal times so she can watch others eating, give her bits of food to handle and put in her mouth herself. Mine loved crusts of bread because they could press on gums when teething. Well cooked pasta, cooked veg sticks. For safety avoid anything which is hard such as raw veg which could choke them. Its messy, alot ends up on the floor but it does seem to work. Usually when weaning they seem to have stronger preferences for texture than taste just keep trying a wide range in small amounts. Last thing, think about timings, are you trying before or after milk, when distracted/sleepy/ tired. If given formula, could she just be full? If a heathy weight could a weaker dilution be offered?

Thank you so much for your advice …we are trying to limit milk and formula to a maximum of 1 pint a day but it's not easy… she is 1 but still does not know how to swallow solid and moat if the time spit it out which worry us…

I hope all sorts itself out with your grand daughtersoon, they are changing fast and all so different in their development at that age, she just might have other priorities right now.

But if you are worried then speak to health visitor or gp, they can hopefully reassure you and help you make a plan to put your mind at rest.

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