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Pull up suggestion

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Help please! My son has an over active bladder and so is therefore still wet at night. He is soon to be 8 but small for his age. The 4-7 dry night pull ups are leaking every night now as they can’t hold all the wee but the next size up are too big. Any other pull ups people can suggest trying? Thanks

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I'd advice going back to a tab nappy style for night use

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StellaA in reply to The123

Yes, this, pullups are awful for at night, fine for during the day to allow a child to use the toilet but at night there useless and leak everywhere.

Try Tesco junior nappies or junior plus, the plus are the same price but more absorbent, but could be a little bit large.


Good luck, let me know how you get on or what you end up buying for your son.

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Hi there, my son (10) has an overactive bladder too, we found doing a bladder drill during the day reduced the amount of urine he produced overnight, starting with a drink and wee every 30 mins and increasing the time by 10 minutes and volume of water every 3 days providing he was managing to 'hold it' for the set time, hard work especially in the beginning but it's been the thing that has helped the most. We then tried a bed wetting alarm (the Rodger one) as there is a lot of research to suggest dry nights are possible with an overactive bladder and we are now getting some dry nights. The Huggies brand were okay for us. Best wishes 🦋

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Thank you so much for your reply. We have just had our diagnosis and have started medicination - although I do wonder if this was the best course of action?!? It’s a might of a mind field. Thanks again

look for either an abena sm adult pullups or their youth diaper

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Happyma in reply to srgsng25

Thanks you!

Defiantly recommend the Junior Plus nappies from Tesco they're £3.50

Molicare slip maxi small!Comfy very soft padding holds in wet smells or worse!

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