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6 year old withholding stool

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My 6 year girl is currently withholding her stools which is the second time this has happened. However this time is far worse, she hasn’t been in 5 days (wasn’t much when she went) and before that it was 5 days too. We were giving movicol and lactulose which was making her soil and she eventually went, but have now added Senna and dropped the lactulose on GP advice. Currently on day 3 of the Senna but nothing yet. Has anyone had a similar experience? How long did the Senna take to work? Also the dosage is so vague - anything from 2.5ml - 20ml! Any advice would be really appreciated...

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Are you still giving the movicol and how much?

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Hammond11 in reply to Yaleamanda

Yes, we’re giving 5 sachets a day but struggling to get her to drink any more that that

How much senna are you currently giving?

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Hammond11 in reply to Yaleamanda

We started on the lowest dosage and now using 7.5ml. My daughter hates the taste also, so we’re having to mix into food

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Yaleamanda in reply to Hammond11

It will happen, lots of water too, it will help.

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Hammond11 in reply to Yaleamanda

Thanks for your advice

Oh encourage regular toilet sits, I would also up the movicol. It doesn't have to be given in one go, keep it cold in the fridge, it's more palatable that way. You can add it to anything else once you have mixed each sachet with the correct amount of water first.

Brilliant will do, thank you!

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