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4 year old withholding

Hey I'm new here and looking for some advise on withholding my 4 year old was cramped up so bad she was vomiting I didn't realise it was conaitipation at first as she usually goes normally , she obviously hurt Gerald recently and has been holding it ever since not even sure how long but she's been to gp and started on movical 3 on day one 6 on day 2 , another 3 on day 3 and still nothing ! I'm so worried to why nothing's happening yet can anyone advise me if this is Normal or If I should get a different product thanks a mill

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Hurting herself I ment


Then goes


The dosage for disimpaction sounds strange it normally goes 2,4,6,8,10,12 until it's liquid and the does to a maintenance dose of maybe two. Have a look at the poo nurses video . Good luck

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She's been to gp again this morning they confirmed not a blockage as I was on my way to hospital , so they said 5 today il check the video out thanks a mill


My daughter withheld at age four because of a painful episode. Glad to hear you have got advice and Movicol as this was a lifesaver for us. My daughter managed to hold it for 3 days whilst she started the Movicol but eventually everything started to move. We had a few accidents as everything was very loose but then we reduced the dose and are now been on a maintenance dose for the last 6 months. I really hope things work out for you. My daughter if 5.5 now and things are so much better. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck. Xx


I took her to hosp and they done x ray her Bowles were swelled and bad build up so she got two enimas first never worked she then went after horrific cramps and pain from enimas they worked and she cleared out , she is obviously suffering with constipation as she is trying to go now and she can't they gave me a diff Med to use also with movical il keep going as she keep SAying it hurts her to push


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