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Bowel incontinence pads, and disimpaction for a 12 year old

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Can you get bowel incontinence pads for a 12 year old, my son had an impacted bowel and is soiling himself regularly including at school im terrified he is going to get bullied and was wondering if I could get incontinence pads to help him when changing, also I'm going to start the disimpaction over the Christmas for the second time and thought they may help , or if anyone else has any tips theyvwould be gratefully recieved I'm so worried about him 😢

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HelloMy son is 12 and was constipated too. We never used pads. I also worried about bullying. The school gave him a toilet card to use.

Once you've disimpacted you will need to find his maintenance dose. That means he's doing a daily type 4/5 stool from the Bristol Stool Chart.

I'd put a regular toilet plan in place too. I'm sure that's helped us. My son sits on the toilet twice a day for 20 minutes (about 20 minutes after breakfast and tea).

You can disimpact as many times as you like. We used to every school holiday with my youngest (who's 9). It's a house keeping type thing. It definitely works.

Ensure he's drinking enough too. We were told at 12 my son should be drinking 2-2.5 litres per day.

My son ended up with an enema and Kleen Prep and he's on a maintenance dose of 4 Movicol and 7.5ml of Senna daily. Our daily toilet sits are helping for sure.

Good luck. It may take a while until he's properly sorted out but keep going. You will get there. Xx

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Ahh thank you so much for your reply ill definitely be following your advice and tips, it helps just know there are others going through the same thing , he seems to take it all in his stride but you just never know what's going on in their minds :) thanks again for taking the time to help I really appreciate it !

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You're welcome. Both my son's have suffered constipation and they have Hypermobility. There's a link to Hypermobility and slow bowels.

We've been dealing with constipation since 2014 but hopefully there's light at the end of the tunnel now.

I agree with you it's helpful to know you're not on your own. Think about joining Movicol Mummies on Facebook. There's several members and it may help you even more. It's a very common problem I've found. Xx

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Sounds like your son is just like my daughter ( also 12). We’ve just had another Kleen Prep clear out and on 4 movicol and 7.5 ml picolsulfate! It works!

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Hello I’ve just joined this forum. My daughter has had problems passing stolons since she was 2. After no success with Movicol the specialist gastro moved us onto sodium piccosulphate. She’s currently on around 8 mid a day. Over the last seven years she’s been using this medication I haven’t been able to find a dose where she would go everyday. She has chronic diarreah and has bad stomach cramping every single day. She misses loads is School and it’s common for her to get the ‘urge’ to go up until 4 am. Do any of the of these side effect ring true with your child?

Hi I have a now 17 year old, who soiled through high school, and lied about using the toilet. You can get special underwear with pads, just goggle continuance underwear. I don’t know your background, but agree with others on toilet and making sure poos are 4 on Bristol chart. Please remember to think about the cause and psychological support. It’s only this year my child admitted to having a. toilet phobia. Good luck

Yes you can buy incontinence pads that slip into their underwear and help manage any soiling. Google incontinence pads for teens and a few different sites will come up ☺️

I recommend either Tena Men Protective Shield (if soiling is minor) or Level 1 or Level 2 of the Tena Men Absorbant Protector for heavier soiling. The Protective Shield is very thin and discreet, and even comes in black making them look less like a sanitary pad. The others are larger and white. You can order a free sample on their website (but it takes a few weeks to come!).

We used dry nites pull ups (8-15) during the highest doses during disimpaction while at home, mostly for my sanity so I wouldn’t have so much horrid laundry to do, but I actually found my son having less accidents during disimpaction as we had him on the loo so often!

Good luck!!

Thank you so much ! 😁

Just wanted to reach out and say you’re not alone. My son is also nearly 12 and souls daily - fortunately not at school as his accidents always happen in the evening. I feel your pain it’s so hard to watch our children go through this and so hard to talk about. The worry of spiking at school must be awful for him. Has he a TA in place to encourage him to change (discreetly) if needs be? We have undergone several disimpactions and my sons doctor now had him on suppositorys to help him feel the urge to poo. I wish ur son a speedy recovery from what is a very difficult and embarrassing problem. Big hugs mama x

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