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Disimpaction over 2 weeks still treating 4 year old on 6 sachets of Movicol a day. Poo very sludgy & dark. Any idea at what stage we are at? Thanks

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Did you manage to achieve a ‘watery stage with bits in’ stage at 8 sashets a day?

No not yet, very runny & dark. Dr prescribed 6 sachets max a day and 10ml Senna at night.


Bambie83 in reply to DJC1102

Not sure the difference between Movicol and Laxido (which I use) but it should be day one 2 then 2 days of 4, 2 days of 6 and then 2 days of 8 by which point you should be expecting a lot of mushy poo - followed by thin watery poo with bits in. Once you got that stage

then slowly reduce to 6 then 4 then 2.

We've stuck with a maintenance dose of 2 and got it on a repeat prescription for the foreseeable. If all goes to plan we hope to reduce it to 1 and then half over the next few months.

Hope that helps...

Hello, we have just finished this exact thing. I went back to the doctor after a week to ask what it is I’m looking for. She told me, after the slushy stuff you should start to see rabbit pellets, then a sausage like poo, then another round of slushy stuff and that means she’s clear. However we didn’t get any of that. We basically just got to a point where we were giving her 6 a day and she had almost nothing left to poo out. So we started reducing when she wasn’t pooing anymore. Good luck!!

OK thanks. That is the problem not sure if we should continue...

You definitely need to continue, go the maximum dose of 8 sachets per day, stay there until you reach rusty water looking poo. Once you get there remain there for 3 consecutive days of rusty water looking poo before you start reducing the dose very slowly i.e. 8,8,8,7,7,7,6,6,6 and so on until you reach a suitable maintenance dose to keep on.

Thanks, I'll try to go up to 8 then.

His poo is runny & sludgy very dark on the 6 per day.

We're now on 3 weeks of this.

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