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Daytime weeing frequency


Hi! My son is 6 and I have some concerns... He still wears pull ups at night due to nightly weeing, but as his sister was the same until she was 7.5 I'm not that worried though would like to get it sorted!

I am more concerned about his day time weeing. He seems to be good at drinking and his urine is always very very pale (almost clear). But he doesn't seem to have any prewarning about needing a wee - when he feels it he needs to go immediately (though can hold for a couple of minutes under duress). He can also go numerous times in a short space of time (today was every 30 minutes)!

Any thoughts on whether he has an issue and what I should do?!

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Sounds like an overactive bladder. Medication can help (my son is on oxybutynin - his bladder previously could only hold 30ml now he can hold up to 120ml, which makes a huge difference in the amount of times he needs to wee. He still doesn’t always feel the signal with enough warning to go though do we just have to send him every 2 hours)

I agree with this - sounds very similar to my daughter who also takes oxybutynin and it has made a big difference. I would go and see your GP and get referred to your local bladder clinic.

Any signs of constipation?

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Nope, if anything he's the opposite end of the scale!

you don't say if he is incontinent or is it just the frequency that is worrying you? if the former,usually the first port of call is getting a referral to the school nurse...ask your school how to get in touch.having been through the whole continence shebang with my older daughter my youngest daughter is now 8 & still has the same issues as your son though its a lot less volume when she wets than she used to. whilst you wait for the referral start by keeping a continence diary ie. fluid intake ,accidents/wees on toilet & poos....continence nurses will want him to be drinking A LOT at least 6-8 drinks a day so if he takes a marked bottle to school & get him to drink say half at am & pm breaks plus a drink at lunch. He may wee more once you start this but it is about stretching the bladder & getting him more aware of the sensations plus sometimes kids (like my daughter) can run below the radar with low grade bladder infections. continence nurses are often a bit obsessed by bowels being the cause of daytime incontinence so its good he has a regular habit but be prepared to be grilled about this! Reinforce good toileting habits....if you search up double voiding, a lot of young kids are so keen to be up & off they don't let their bladder empty. in younger kids the pelvic floor can be very strong (unlike older adults) & they need to learn to relax it fully to wee. also, worth starting to think about getting him out of pull ups at night when you have the energy as it will help get his bladder used to holding more ( we are now on oxybutynin but also take her to the loo when we go to bed to give her a fighting chance). if he is not incontinent in the day & you just want to improve his frequency you can still try some of the things mentioned above. as ever, if he shows any other symptoms such as easily tired, unwell in any way do see your GP as excessive clear urination with increased thirst is a diabetes symptom.

Thanks. I will have a think and start tracking his drinking and weeing!

He isn't incontinent, just has an urgency and frequency that isnt the same as his sister!

We had him checked for diabetes last year so happy that it's not that. ☺

What pull ups are they please

Hi! We use Dry Nites. They've been the best so far.

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