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incomums ( mums of incontinent kids. I invented the term) are superheroes!


Just worked out it’s been 1500 days since our daughter started potty training. We’ve made no progress at all. Despite maybe 100 appointments, various medication etc etc. No better than 1500 days ago. Wee and poo accidents ( lots) daily. No better than a baby.

Some days I still feel I’m going mad. Though recently I’ve sort of accepted she’s incontinent. But I know none of my friends would deal with 1500 days of potty training and no success! Two of them have said they’d never cope. So I think I’m doing well to survive!

It’s also been 163 months that we’ve been trying to conceive so far (daughter is adopted). I actually think I’m a super hero. When the continence nurse looks at me like I’m crazy I think ‘you’d never cope’ .

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Exactly how I feel .come to accept it now that my lg will be going to school in pull ups .x

Definitely a superhero! Well done you. You've done it this long so you know you can carry on. Fingers crossed that after another 1500 days you have progress, and if not in the toilet department, I bet your little one is developing and making you proud in so many other ways x

My Daughter is nearly 10 on 12 sachets mov and 5ml soda pica daily has been on it at various doses since she didn't evacuate at birth, she releases approx 1 every 21 to 28 days during the three days of release she's vomiting off her food its a vicious circle she has been offered a stoma now which she does not want i just feel so sorry we cant do more hoping she will eventually grow out of it iv literally tried every diet in the book the only time she was anywhere near normal (once a week) was on Holiday in Caribbean last year coconut with everything but it didn't work at home :(

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