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Potty training a child that has always withheld.



I was wondering if anyone has any experience potty training a child that has always withheld?

My son has just turned 3 and has been on Movicol for constipation and withholding due to a very painful bowel movement for two years now.

We started to potty train 5 days ago and although we are getting some wees in the potty, the poos are proving a nightmare.

After 3 days of withholding we increased his Movicol which just led to very loose accidents everywhere. He’s at the point where he won’t go on the potty for poos but doesn’t want a nappy either (although he did ask for one yesterday to do a poo in which was great but hasn’t wanted to use it since). He will sit on the potty for a bit after each meal as advised to try to help his anxiety.

Whenever we potty train this will always be an issue so I was wondering if anyone has any experienced anything similar?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi yes my lg is exactly the same we have been told by are peadrictritans not to do any potty /toilet training while her bowels are so stretch as can cause more anxiety and stress on them not to go.she goes school sept will be wearing pull ups as she she shows no sign of using the toilet atm .we have done everything bubbles reward charts doesn't work. I have now got my health visitor involved as its getting me down I just want her in knickers for going to school. She also has chronic contispation and complex bowel condition.

Yazz1e in reply to Misty10

Aw. Thank you for replying. Sorry to hear that your lg is also going through this. It’s a tough old journey.

Misty10 in reply to Yazz1e

It's not an easy fix it will be a long journey 6 to 10 years peadrictritan has told us 😢

No advice but following as we’re experiencing the same problem- going bare bummed causes him to withhold wees as well. Currently we’re in cloth training pants and he asks for a nappy for wees and poos. The potty is available and I ask if he wants to try every so often but otherwise ignore the issue.

So far we’ve had no accidents in the pants and am biding my time for stage two!

Hi, we are in the same boat as you here too at the moment, I saw you posted on here nearly 8 months ago and wondered how things are going?? Have you had success with the potty training?

I did read a post on here somewhere from someone saying that after 2 weeks of accidents everywhere, their daughter just suddenly got it, so I have hope!

I’ve read so many things that conflict, some saying don’t even try potty training when they have withholding issues and others saying go for it and it will help!

Thanks, hope you managed it!

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