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3 year old witholding, long term movicol??

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I have a 3 year old daughter that has been stool witholding for the past 6 months after painful bowl movement. She is constantly hiding, crossing legs and marking underwear. We brought her to paediatrician who prescribed movicol, we have been giving her 2 sachets a day and she is going well and making it to the toilet, but i am worried about long term use, she could be doing up to 6 poos a day and im not sure if this is normal or harmful, can anyone advise? We tried reducing to 1 sachet a day but she managed to start witholding again. Is it bad to keep giving her 2 sachets a day? It seems to be working but im worried it might be making her go excessively, would be so grateful for others experience as we are really struggling with this, thanks!!

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Hi! I’m quite new to this but also have a three year old girl on Movicol. We’re currently trying to find her ideal maintenance dose & have been advised that we need to aim for her doing 1 soft poo a day. I was also told that if you are upping or lowering a dose do it v gradually. For example only change by half a sachet at a time and then leave her on that dose for a few days before changing again so her body has a chance to get used to the change. Maybe your lg needs 1.5 sachets per day rather than 2? It would be interesting to see if this advice is similar to what others have been told. As I said it’s quite new to me so I’m not an expert. Good luck!

Yippeyay81 is right, you need to reduce gradually. Make up a sachet as normal but only give your little one 3/4 or 1/2. We reduced every other day to start with as well. Our nearly 6 year old withheld from aged 4 to 5 and the movicol was a life changer for us but after we solved the withholding we did find she was going for a poo everytime she went for a wee! We have been able to reduce to 1 sachet Mon, Wed and Fri and I think she is going once a day now (difficult to know as she goes at school most days). We have tried reducing further but she gets hard poos again so we are sticking with this for now. Good luck and let us know how you get on. xx

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