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stubborn two year old!


so for months me and my partner have thought our child was constipated, so we have tried everything we could and even got prescribed some lactalose. However in the past couple of weeks we have figured out that he is actually holding poo in! even managing to hold most in when he has diarrhoea and nothing we can do will convince him to let go of it! he suffers from a really sore bum (with no cream even beginning to settle it) and we have recently had medicated cream prescribed for that. i know it’s probably the sore bum that is scaring him from pooing but i just need some help/advice on how to get him to poo until we have sorted the soreness! i can tell it hurts his tummy the more he holds it in!

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Hi I think you should give the ERIC helpline a call. They have been so helpful for us. They are v busy so can be tricky to get hold of them but keep trying. My daughter has been withholding for a few months and we’ve just finished a disimpaction regime (where you give high levels of laxative to flush all the old poo out of the system). But she’s older so I’m not sure what the treatment is for a 2 year old. When I spoke to ERIC I raised concerns about being taken seriously by gp and they e mailed me some documents to print off and take with me. Hope that helps.

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