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Volunteers needed for app development - free smart watch for all participants!

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Do you have a child aged between 5 and 10 years with continence issues? Here's a great opportunity for them to take part in a smart watch app development workshop in Sheffield this summer or Leeds in December. Lunch is included plus a free smart watch. Register now at impress@leeds.ac.uk

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We have signed up for this, in case anyone out there is wavering, my son is super excited 😁

What is this exactly? What do these watches Do?

TBH I’m not sure what they do! But I’m guessing the continence app will be on the watch they get to keep. My son is so happy about it coz he’s felt so low about all the issues with his tummy and bowel and now this is something positive to come out of it finally 😁

Yes I’ve just submitted my request to be a part, here’s hoping we get selected as I’ve been wondering if one of these would help my daughter!

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Robinia in reply to Busymum1984

Fantastic, let me know if you get on 😁

I have also submitted a request. Fingers crossed.

Good luck 👍🏼

We will be joining you. It will be nice to meet other parents who are going through the same thing

Oh excellent, I feel exactly the same ☺️

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If anybody isn't able to make these workshops but would like to still input there's an online survey which will be running until the end of July:



Bumble will be attending!! 😊

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