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Vibrating watch & stopping oxybutinin age 9 1/2

Hi there, my nearly 10 yr old is on Oxybutinin, movicol & desmopressin & all ben under control for last 6 mon the! ! We've just been advised by doc to get a vibrating watch to go off every 2 hours to remind daughter to go for a wee, & then to bring her off the Oxybutinin followed by weaning off movicol.....

This is a new doc who is giving very different advice from her last doc who has retired.

Has anyone tried the vibrating watch alongside stopping Oxybutinin? ?? Am hoping it works, but bit nervous as I all been so great I don't want to go backwards!!

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I feel for you as it great when you no longer have to worry about bladder probs.

My 8 year old used vibrating watch for a while and it did work well but she stopped as she felt selfconscious in class as said others could tell. She's very anxious about such things. I've tried to get her using it again as we're back in pull-ups after too many drug side effects.

Imo It's def worth a go even to try - you can always revert back if not. Btw it took about 1 month for effects of oxbutynin to fully wear off .

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply! I'm really worried about regressing...... what side effects did you have with the meds?


I'd agree with Longhaul - it sounds worth a try if it means a possibility of getting off the drug regime and you can always go back. That said, I 100% get that it must feel like a huge step to stop drugs that are working so wish you every luck in the world.

My daughter is 7 1/2 and we're still in the "try anything to see if it works phase", waiting for appointment at specialist clinic. I'd really appreciate hearing your experience that got you to the combination of drugs? We tried her on Oxybutinin but it didn't make any difference, if anything it got worse, especially night time, and even when they doubled dose. They then suggested adding more drugs but (if completely honest) they said it with such little conviction that I was worried about making her take drugs on what felt like trial and error basis - hence why we're now waiting for specialist appointment up in London. Have never met anyone who's been down this route successfully so seeing your post, and that it worked for you, I'd love to know more.

Meantime, the watch is our latest experiment, but we're only on day 2 so can't be much help - although day 1 was a success and first day in ages of no daytime accidents. Yippee...She was very proud and so was I! She has routine at school where she goes every break time but then it would fall apart at home so we just going to use watch at home for now and see what happens.


Oxybutynin is supposed to be used for 6 months and then hopefully it would have rectified any over active bladder symptoms, provided fluid intake has been good. However some children do need to have it long term. Especially if they have long term constipation which can impact on the bladder. The vibrating watch is just a reminder to go regularly to the toilet which could be done in a number of ways. The danger with this is that making a child go to the pee when their body has not told them to may result in bringing back an overactive bladder. Stopping the oxybutynin to see what happens without it is good practice. You could just set a pattern where your child agrees to respond to bladder signals and not delay.


Thanks for your reply. Are you a mother of a child with these issues or a medical person? Your comments sound more professional rather than as a parent.....


I run a paediatric continence clinic in Greenwich.


Ah that explains the knowledgeable message! I have to say, the vibrating watch worries me as I don't want her going to the loo if she doesn't need it (does that make sense?)....think I'll take your advice & try coming off oxybutinin 1st & see what happens.


We initially had good results on liquid oxybutynin then tablet form but daughter suffered from overheating . We took her off after attention/ hyperactivity issues . Tried tolterodine but it didn't work and caused bowel probs. Went alone for while then in desperation went back on lyrinel but caused anxiety, sleep problems , bowel probs - and she turned into a monster behaviourally . Now off meds. Sleep and bladder/ bowel probs remain. We're now waiting to go back to continence clinic meanwhile she refuses to go out without pull-ups .

You may be lucky and find your daughter has grown out of her problems - how amazing would that be. If not , you know what works .

Really hope you find a solution . I feel your pain .....

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Have you tried the washable absorbent knickers from ERIC online shop? Halfway house between pull ups and ordinary knickers. They go in the washing machine.


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