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New here...any other children whose continence issues are due to spinal issues?


My 9 year old son Harry has Spina Bifida and has just been diagnosed with foecal impaction. We have been given the disimpaction regime by his gastro consultant but I’m a bit concerned as tomorrow we have a long car journey to Scotland which may prove difficult as it will be when he is on the 12 sachets of movicol. Just wondering if there are any other children who have spinal conditions that affect their bladder and bowel? He also is on oxybutin to help his wetting at night (over active bladder). We are under 5 consultants at Manchester Children’s Hospital who all attend to the different areas that his Spina Bifida has affected over the years but it does get frustrating as they never seem to talk to each other. I’m just aware that as he gets older his continence issues are getting worse. He outwardly presents as a very straightforward child who plays football, goes to mainstream primary school and is fully mobile apart from wearing a afo splint on his left leg, but he faces so many challenges in day to day living that I really feel for him. He just gets on with it though. Would be great to here if there are any other children similar to my Harry out there.

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