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Post hospital treatment

6 year old daughter been on 1 sachet of movicol for past few years put in her milk daily, stopped taking few months ago resulting in 2 uti & impactated poo. Was in hospital for 4 days trying to pass with movicol reintroduced. Managed 5 sachets on 4th day then passed what was left after enema. Since home 1 month now taking 1 in morning & 1 at night. Have started to mix with water then add to milk or hot chocolate as never did previously ( and worked?) so hope this is better? Still struggle to get stubborn 6yr old to drink more but am using every idea possible, lots of water based fruit, lollies, jelly, even ordered a slushie machine as she drank 2 at cinema! Looking for any tips or reassurance doing right thing? She was very traumatised after hospital stay so her toilet visits are now frequent but mainly due to habit, can get a little panicky when out anywhere &,will go soon as arrive smwh & during & before leave? Anyone else seen this pattern?

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Really sorry to hear you have been through a rough time, if it helps my son turned 7 in Feb and it’s like a switch has been flipped in his brain about the water so hopefully as she gets older this will become easier.

I always had to constantly nag and pester him to drink and it was such a pain and now suddenly he just does it.

Good luck


Thanks for positive words, making some progress as she’s asked twice today for some juice & water this evening, little drinks but step in right direction. Lots of positive responses & praise helping. Even drinking 3 egg cups of orange juice makes me happy.

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My daughter is on Movicol at the moment and as we try to reduce the amount we are working really hard on increasing her water intake especially at school. We have tried lots of different water bottles to find the one she drinks from the best. At home I find if she has a straw in a cup she drinks more. Also if we have a tea party and put water in the teapot she drinks loads whilst playing! We also have a reward chart now for drinking her water rather than doing a poo. Everytime she drinks her whole drinks bottle worth of water she gets a sticker and aftwr so many stickers she gets a reward which she decided on. That seems to be working to. I hope some of these ideas help and good luck. Xx

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