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Meeting paediatrician advice please

My daughter has her first appointment with a paediatrician in a couple days time and after trying for years to get some advice regarding her constipation & uti issues I am now not sure what to expect. She is currently on 2 sachets of movicol a day & senna if she doesn't go which seems to be working ok for now, tho she is still getting frequent utis.

What can I expect from this meeting - what questions should I be asking etc? Any advice would be welcome please as I don't want to waste this opportunity!

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My son suffers enuresis but I imagine the first appointment is probably similar no matter what the scenario. I would just say, don't expect too much at the first meeting. I remember thinking we'd walk away with a solution but it was essentially just the consultant getting familiar with the patient, taking height, weight, ordering scan, blood test, questionnaires ad basic examination etc. so that he had some base data. We were given some basic words of advice and told we'd get our next appointment after the tests were all complete and he had more to go on. It was disappointing but I know now was necessary for him to be able to make an informed decision about a plan of action. Take a note book and write down any words you don't understand and get the PA or medical secretaries contact details (direct email if you can). When you have questions popping into you head straight after you leave he/she will be the one to send them to, as if helpful, they can often get replies from the consultant for you before the next appointment.

Ask; Who you can call if you have any questions between appointments? If there are any resources/info available for you to read? Ask your daughter (if old enough) is she has any questions for the Dr, I find it reassuring when a Dr talks to my son and not just me, when they answer his questions too.

I hope it goes well.... x


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