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Help at last

Had a hospital appointment today with my little boy who is 4 years 8 months .... after attending a nephrologist and a professor in gastrointrology , paying both private , in the past ... after both feeling my baby’s tummy and telling me he is not constipated Finally today we had an X-ray. And guess what ??? After three months of movical he is completely blocked up ... his large intestine is so packed it has stretched and has lost sensation. This is why my little man is pooping and peeing daily in his pants. I wanted to cry , I followed my gut feeling and kept persisting because I knew it was not behavioral or anything else !!! I had his creche tell me to go home and correct him. I was made feel there was something psychologically wrong with him. I’ve been sick with worry for the past two years. I went to doctor after doctor . I feel so angry but so relieved at the same time. He never was dry a day in his life ... and now I know why . He rarely complained the little mite ... he was trying his best to get on in life with the constant nagging and pressure of toilet training that he had no way of controlling. now We have help and support and a treatment plan ... I could cry with happiness . I am no longer a high rate mother that needs to relax , I am a mom that has a little boy who is finally getting the help and support he deserves 😊😊😊😊😊 ... he is on senna liquid for 3 months and 2 movical a day for three months , then back to clinic. It will take months if not years to sort his bowel they said but guess what .... we have now started the process !!! I hope this helps another family !!!

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My daughter, bumble has just seen a consultant in England, she is full of soft poo, although her primary issue is urinary incontinence. We'll start senna when she's not at school, reduced movicol down to 2 sachets from 4. Constipation was largely down to her medication - solifenacin.

I can so understand your mixed emotions!

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Well done you for following your instincts and persisting. Our children can't advocate for themselves, they need us to speak up for them - exactly what you have done. Give yourself a massive hug - you deserve it! xxx

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Well done for keeping going. I so understand that bitter sweet moment of finally getting validation that there really is something wrong and your mum instincts were right.....followed by the sadness that there really is something wrong....then the joy that there is something being done. Still so much more to come and It's a constant rollercoaster ride but good luck and let us know how you get on xxx


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