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Gadgets/tips to increase water intake

I’m running out of ideas to get my 6 yr old daughter to drink more water especially when she is at school. I’ve bought countless ‘fun’ bottles that disappear at school or never leave her book bag and come home full. Reward charts only seem to have a temporary effect and she soon loses interest. Does anyone have experience or success with the following:

Hydratem8 bottles

Ulla bottle light reminders

Or is there a fitbit style wristband that tracks and prompts water intake (and toilet reminders too!), perhaps with motivational app or game challenge element included. She’s tried a vibrating digital reminder watch but didn’t get on with it as she can’t read a digital clock display and it was too bulky on her wrist.

Any good ideas gratefully received! She’s on three sachets of movicol a day but it all seems to work better when she has a half decent water intake - currently I suspect she is not drinking more than one small cup of water at lunch when she is at school.

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I'm also interested in this... The school nurse suggested we have a daily "competition" between siblings with prizes for the winner... I haven't done it yet as I think there may be cheating if they are at school, but at the start of the holidays we will give it a whirl...

Would love to give other things a try too though!


I want to try a new regime during hols too in hope that some of it might stick and carry into new term!



Getting water in is a conundrum!

I would recommend trying a Woble Watch. It is a sporty looking watch that can have upto 8 alarms set daily and can be set to vibrate instead of an audible alarm. It doesn't track the response to the alarm but it definitely has a novelty factor that had our twelve year old (it's actually recommended for younger children) finally going the loo and having a drink multiple times a day when wearing it. In fact using it achieved her first ever empty drink bottle!

Also, let your child's teacher know the times that you set the alarms during the day and ask them just to keep an eye out to see that your child is responding.

The novelty may wear off but even if you get 6 - 8 weeks in, your child will be starting to learn healthy habits and that in itself is really good for our kids.

Best of luck with this.

The Laundrymaid xx

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