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Bed alarm?

New to the group. Daughter is 11 with primary enuresis. Currently in pull us, off desmopresin and oxybutinin but on movicol (has been most of her life). We tried a personal alarm a few years back but none of us could cope. Waiting for urology investigation (over a year now since being referred!) I’ve been thinking about trying the bed alarm. Any success stories out there? Thanks.

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Hi, unfortunately no advice or success here but just wanted to say we are in the same position. My son is 7 and we’re just about to try the alarm. He’s terrified of it and I’m not over the moon with the idea of being woken every night but I have heard others have had success.


Hi my 9 year old son never had a dry night until we tried the bed alarm last spring. I was worried about using it as he hates loud noises but he wanted to try it as he was desperate to have a sleepover. I read online instant success stories so almost gave up when it didn't happen that way with us. It took 2 weeks before he had a dry night with the alarm sometimes going off 4 times a night! It then took another week before he had another dry night - it just didn't seem to be working. I slept in his room for 6 weeks to offer reassurance but after a couple of weeks read that he should switch the alarm off so that he's fully awake (I was probably helping too much!). I stayed in his room to encourage him to wake up and remind him how to switch it off. Anyway after 8 weeks he started to have a few dry nights in a row. He stopped using the alarm after 12 weeks - still had the odd accident but dry 10/12 days. Then a month later had his first sleepover completely dry 🙂. He has not had an accident since - I even let him drink blackcurrant & hot chocolate before bed now!! He also seems to have better bladder control during the day - less urgency. So a long post sorry! But wanted to offer reassurance if it doesn't work straight away 🙂


Also we just used a cheap alarm - £20 🙂


We borrowed a Maleme alarm from child continence service. Son hated it (not keen on loud noises), but it does seem to have worked - after a week or two he woke up and went on potty near bed (he sleeps on spare bed in our room so we can deactivate alarm and change bed/PJs if needs be). We went from twice a night wet beds to one event every 10 days or so...worth a try. Nurse advised us to keep alarm until reliable getting up to loo for 4 weeks in a row. Good luck! xx


Son is 8 and had never been dry at night. Also has overactive bladder which is very twitchy during the day. Oxybutynin for this so fingers crossed.


We are just starting to look into using a bed wetting alarm.

Which ones do people recommend? X


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