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My son is Autistic and struggling to poo

Hi I have a 7 yr old Autistic boy who has been constipated since birth. He is on laxatives and movicol and also incontinence and in nappies full time. The peadiatrian after year still has not sent my son for a x ray or a intra sound . We are under the incontinence team but they are unable to assist with potty training atm due to my son's high anxieties and needs. My son takes up to 2 weeks to get a poo out and it's like a cricket ball and a hard rock. Does anyone else have this problem and what can I do as the hospital don't seem to be bothered.

Thank you any advice is much appreciated xxx

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I'm really sorry to hear about the struggle you are both experiencing. How much movicol is your son having each day? Perhaps adding a 'pusher' laxative like senokot may help with giving him the feeling of needing to poo. Sounds horrible for him being that constipated. I find it hard to believe that you are not getting more support from the medical teams. Have you spoken to someone from Eric? Perhaps give the help line a call as they can maybe offer you more advice.


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Hi Luella

My son is on 2 sachets of movicol a day plus 2.5mls of liquids laxiatives at night. Im on the ERIC website but not spoke to anyone yet. Its awful as im fighting hospitals and schools to get the right support my son needs I feel we are just getting doors slammed in our face no matter how much I'm pushing and going on. My son is high end Autistic Iv been fighting for a yr and a half to get him a EHCP he has tippy toe syndrome as well as incontinence and lazy bowel syndrome plus his fine motor skills are very delayed. I still have to shower him brush his teeth he cannot use a knife and fork etc and he is being let down so much by the NHS and school he self harms and no one seems to care except me I'm at breaking point. Iv asked for help from early intervention team but they can't help me. CAHMS won't help because of his ASD. It's a joke all these cut backs the government are making it's really impacting our children x


Bless you, sounds like you really need some support, it's sounds so hard for you. Definitely give Eric a call, just talking about it can help and they will be equipped to signpost you in the right direction. This site is a great sounding board. I can't really advise you much more as my daughter doesn't have the additional challenges you are facing.

Perhaps a letter to your MP?

I can't imagine how stressful it must be, do keep in touch with us all. We care because we are all here to try and help each other. You are doing a great job for your son, don't forget that. You are doing your best.... xx


Thank you hun I will keep you all updated I was just reading all the info on ERIC ref school polices etc and where we stand regarding my son's rights I now have more ammunition I can use lol under the Equality Act etc . Done loads of night time reading I can't switch my brain off. At one point the school were making me go in to change my son before that they were leaving him sat for 6 hours in saturated nappies because he could not change himself but they expected him too. It's only been since end of Sept they have been changing him and iv just read on ERIC that the school have a duty to provide the care and facilities to change him all that bloody time I'm so bloody annoyed and they had the cheek to watch me and call it safe guarding omg I only gave birth to him the school is a massive joke xx

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