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10 movicol a day, 10ml dulcolax & nothing is shifting

Hi again all,

We're currently trying to disimpact my son whilst its the holidays. We've done this various times in the past. He's now on 10 movicol a day and has been for the best part of a week (usually 6 per day) and he's still mega bloated and doesnt seem to be shifting the main constipation. He's also having up to 15 accidents per day! Not sure if overflow or just leakage due to movicol.

He has had chronic constipation for a long time (5+ years) & this has been treated with varying doses of movicol & dulcolax + fairly regular disimpactions. He's under a paediatrician and a paediatric gastroenterologist.

He does do poo on the toilet and its soft but not a huge amount but nevertheless, he still has a big rounded tummy (that isnt just being overweight- tho I suspect his Dad allows him to have larger portions than he should when he stays with him, I'm a single parent).

Our paediatrician is on leave at the moment but I do plan to get in touch when she's back. I could increase movicol further but honestly not sure if I'd be doing the right thing & also not sure if I can handle the literally constant accidents. 😩😩

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Maybe a stimulant laxative is needed to physically help push out the poo. Senokot? Not sure what dulcilax main ingredient is, maybe this is a stimulant too. Sorry to hear you are struggling x

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Totally feel for you and your son, 15 accidents a day! how do you cope! The last time my son was blocked it took a while for the movicol to do its stuff and he was have many accidents I wondered if the blockage was ever going to come out!

I was trying everthing, syringe full of prune juice, warm water and brown sugar,exercise, warm baths along with senokot and movicol then out it came!

I hope you get good movement soon x

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