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Medication for night time (before day)

My son struggles with bladder control, he has no awareness & needs reminders during the day. He also produces lots of wee at night & this ends up, at times, more difficult to manage than daytime! Due to lots of wet beds, leaky pull ups & dream wee's which involve lifting heavy child out of a high bed.

Anyway, the continence nurse has suggested medication once he has turned five, but she wants to give it to help his nighttime wetting with the potential bonus of it helping his daytime wetting.

Has anyone ever done it this way round, as opposed to daytime medicating first?

Also what side affects have your children experienced? I'm a bit wary to use medication of this type but I'm literally in bits at times trying to cope with it

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Have you seen a paediatric urologist at all? Has he ever been dry? I would have thought you'd need further investigation into what is causing his wetting before starting on medication?

I don't have any advise on medication tho sorry. Xx


He's seen by the continence nurse...I'm assuming that's different? No he's never been dry. He has a scan about a year ago to check his bladder & kidney function but that's it. Thanks xx


I would push for a paediatric urologist referral. My son is nearly 7 and has never been completely dry day or night. I've always known something wasn't right from starting to toilet train him. But has taken years for any help. I was always told he will outgrow it. He was given an ultra sound when he was 4 which didn't show any abnormalities. I finally saw a new gp about 6 months ago who said he needed to see a specialist. He has now been diagnosed with dyspaxia with joint and muscle hypotonia. He is now having treatment with the consultant. It was such a relief when we were told he has a problem and it's not him just being lazy. And someone was finally able to start helping us.

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Thank you! I will definitely ask about this...in fact I may even phone up tomorrow to request it! Can I ask was medication ever offered for your son & did you accept/decline the option? Thanks :) x


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