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Movicol problems

So my daughter41/2 has been doing really well since disimpaction in April on 1 movicol a day. She's done loads of days with no accidents, then recently a bit of a regression, had 3 accidents this week, quite loose. Wondering whether to reduce the movicol to 1/2 a day but so worried she'll get blocked up again. Any ideas? Dr gave picosulfate as well to try and get her to push all out at once but just made her have more accidents. Confident she's not blocked up again as she's done 1-2 poos daily . Wondering whether to try senna as have some from previously but worried about long term use. Any tips greatly appreciated it's so stressful...

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You could try mixing the movical up and removing a few tea spoons rather than dropping to half a sachet. I've read of people doing this on here to reduce the dosage.


We had something similar and we used panty liners in the short term for minor stains, then gradually reduced the dose (we used a calpol syringe!). Ended up on a staggered dose - more one day, a little less the next, averaging our "maintenance dose" of 2 1/2 sachets every 24 hr. We reduced it quite slowly, checking it was ok over 36 hr before each change.

Now we have number 4 poo (firm but not too soft).

We think the issue was before that after hard painful poo, very soft poo felt like nothing at all!


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