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12 year old having accidents update


Hi I posted about my daughter having problems with accidents. At first I thought it was a one off but soon realised it wasn't. The GP sent us to the urologist. She wets herself about twice a month. She's very sad about it all and hates talking about it. The urologist asked her if she's desperate all of a sudden but she said no. She said the first she knows it's running down her legs. After tests they say there's no medical reason and have suggested she see a psychologist. Is she doing this in purpose? She gets plenty of attention. I just can't believe a 12 year old would do that knowingly in a whole school assembly! Anyone else had a healthy child do this?

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The urologist says no psychical medical reason but what about emotionally. Is she worried about anything?

Ever had any soiling problems or is it just wetting? x

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