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5yr old soiling

Hi all, I'm new here.

My 5 almost 6 year old boy has a problem with soiling himself on an almost daily basis.this has been going on for a good couple of years now and I've tried everything with no change. He knows when he's doing it but doesnt give any indication of needing to go. He also isn't bothered that he's done it and won't come and ask to be changed he'll just carry on his normal activities until I ask him if he needs cleaning. He's back in pull ups now and isnt particularly phased by wearing them.

It bothers me that he turns 6 in november and goes into year 1 in September and we're no nearer getting it sorted.

Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

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I am absolutely no expert but i suspect he may be constipated and have something called encopresis. If this is the case I would make a trip to the doctor and get some Movicol and advice. We have had the same problem on and off and what is usually happening is that there is a blockage in the bowel and soft leaky stools get around it and leak into the pants. I'm happy it offers more advice but I suspect others on here will have more or better advice. My 6 year old is just about the go into year 2, has has problems with constipation, stool witholding and encopresis for nearly 3 years and recently we have had secondary urinary infections as well. We finally saw a paeditrician this week after struggling for a while.....


Hi there. Has he been seen by a GP for the soiling? Is he constipated? X


Go and see your gp. Sounds like he needs to go on a disimpaction reigime. My little boy had suffered since he was 3 and 1/2 with same symptoms. We saw lots of gps with varying advice.

I got cross a year ago after seeing 1 gp, who said to my plea of having him referred, there is no magic wand that will be waved if I refer him. He may be like this until he is 10!

I called the school nursing team, who were brilliant. They wrote a strongly worded letter and told me to go back to the gp. I saw a different gp who happily referred us to a specialist nurse.

She has been a life savee. Put him on a disimpaction regime which lasted upto 7 days. Starting on 6 sachets of movicol, then 8, 10 upto 12. By day 5 he was having type 7 stools and was ok to go on to a maintenance dose.

2 months on he is on 2 sachets a day, no accidents at all and is having a poo everyday.

Good luck and keep going with getting the right help!


Hi, you may be interested in reading my blog, as when I was your son's age I often soiled myself. I also never asked to be changed after I had gone in my pants and carried on with whatever I was doing until someone smelt that I had pooed myself. The posts 'Staying in Messy Pants' and 'The "Don't Care" Attitude' may be of particular interest to you:



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