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Hi, tomorrow we decide if my son, 11 has an Ace (stoma) although it has been something we have discussed lots before we have now come to the fact we have tried everything and we are running out of options....there are talks of a double ACE to encorparate the bladder. has anyone else have a teen with an ACE? I just wondered if I could talk to someone that knows how it impacts on their life etc


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Hi, I don't have any knowledge or advice but I just wanted to wish you and your son good luck, I hope it all goes well. X


My son is 9 and is on the waiting list so should have surgery by the summer holidays. I keep thinking about not wanting him to have it, but then he soils again and gets so upset and angry about that I realise that it's his only way for some normality. I am happy to chat with you anytime especially during his surgery and healing time.


Hi! There is another group called Bowel Group for Kids on Facebook. They are a closed group but just ask to join. .they have kids that all have these ops. They have hirschsprung disease.and other Bowel issues. They would b of help.2 u. They r in Australia. Information on the site is good. Hope.this helps. Good luck.


Best wishes for you all.


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