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Hi, I'm new and have question

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Hi, my son is 5 years old and has been having lots of bowel trouble, he was severely constipated at aged 2 and from then has held his poo in, it's caused bloating and sever constipation. He's now on cosmocol paediatric. I had weaned him off but from yesterday afternoon I noticed he is constipated again and has refused to even sit on the toilet, he had two sachets yesterday has had one so far today. How long will it take to work? I've forgotten from last time, also his diet isn't the best, not through lack of trying, any tips on how to get him to eat a better?

Sorry for the essay!


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We were told by the Incontinence service that diet has little to do with our problems, as long as he has one vegetable or fruit (peas grapes broccoli) so I've not worried too much about his eating. It's the fluid that makes a difference, if he doesn't drink he doesn't poo basically so I can tell when he's not had enough water at school.

If his meds are like the movical we take it can take over 24 hours for them to work. There's a you tube video about constipation but I haven't got the link, I know others on here have watched it and found it very helpful. Hopefully someone will come along with that info soon. I'll see if I can dig it out. Keep gently suggesting sitting on the loo 5 mins at a time. Blowing bubbles to distract him will also help the bowls relax.

Hi, thanks for the replies, he's drinking plenty and actually likes the taste of the plain cosmocol, (it's the same as movical I think) which is a relief, it's already stated to work, this site is a blessing, i'm so glad I came across it. I'm glad that his diet isn't playing a part in his problem, I do try but it's difficult, he has sensory issues too and is under the paediatrician, he's got an appointment in two weeks so i'll mention it again, she wasn't really interested the last time tbh.

It's worth checking about his diet at your next appointment. My son has issues with textures of food and still can't at 8 have anything in sauces so his diet isn't great but we try that's all we can keep doing. I do try and to limit bread to sandwiches at lunch and dairy to milk to drink. Also I limit chocolate only because a mum I spoke to from Lithuania said that it was common practice for children there to not be given chocolate if they have constipation issues.

Thanks, I'll maybe ask if he can be referred to the dietitian, they might be able to give me some hints and tips. It's awful for the little ones to go through this, my son's going through the assessment process too, he has so much going on atm.

I feel like I'm on a roundabout perpetually! When it comes to trying to gets assessments here. He was 3 when I first started asking for help with his difficulties, speech and language, Incontinence and such like. Currently trying to get an EHP, we've missed so much school due to his problems and he's really far behind for age range. Don't take no far an answer keep all the documents you have and keep pushing. Best wishes G

Hiya, I honestly know exactly how you feel, he went to the child development centre for two whole days to be assessed last February ( he was 4), they then turned round and said he's showing signs of both autism and adhd but won't officially diagnose him until after his 6th birthday!

He started school last September but didn't go fulltime until January and they've only just (after much prompting from me) said they are going to apply for high needs funding and an ehcp, they did phone the cdc centre and got him an appointment, something I've been trying to do for ages. Like you he's had a lot of time off, including this week, it worries me tbh!

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