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is limiting fluids a good idea when tolieting?

hi my question is my 5 year old daughter isn't toileted or i feel showing any signs of being ready (she has developmental delay and hypomobility among other issues) today after a meeting including school nurse, i have been advised to limit her fluids before school(1 cup of juice before school)and after school and i am wondering is the a good idea? last wk i was rang because apperently once i dropped her at school the class ta found her very wet an it had gone through to clothes! i explain she wasn't wet when i dropped her off but she had had three cups of juice that morning (between 6 and 8.40am), but was made to feel like i hadn't changed her since bedtime the night before. she also has bowel issues so takes lactulose twice a day an picosulphate once a day. thanks

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My son had bad constipation and if he drank say a whole Fruit Shoot he would wet himself. His bladder couldn't cope with just a small bottle of drink due to the constipation.

We didn't really limit his drinks, we just didn't let him gulp it down in one go, which was difficult.

Did they say anything about the hypermobility? I did ask the Paediatrician if this could be hindering my son's toilet training but he couldn't really answer the question.

I've never been told to limit my son's drinks. I've always been asked if he drinks enough.



Usually the advice to limit liquids is restricted to the evening and night time hours so that night times will be dry. Kids need liquids for good health.

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I wouldn't just make sure she goes to the toilet at least every 2hours. The school should have a care plan in place. Also avoid blackcurrant as that is a diaretic and affects the bladder


I have a few thoughts, though I'm not sure if they're any help!

Unlike alicass' son, Bumble can't sip a drink as she would take forever over one drink. I would say it important to check with GP or consultant if you have one, how much and how frequent is suitable for your daughter. I would say from personal experience that it can work better to space them evenly throughout the day, except at the very end of the day, like peristalsis said. In the time frame you mention before school though, I would probably say you could be aiming for two drinks.

I personally would pay little attention to recommendations from school nurses, as our experience hasn't been very good. I would seek advice from those with specialist continence training and experience.

hope you get somewhere soon,,


A child should never be limited drinks,gp will advise to get children to drink more because being constipated irritates the bladder,if children drink more it alleviates the child being prone to incidences of wetting.


My daughter is 7 and has irritable bladder. She is like a camel and would happily go for a week without drinking anything! But we have been constantly nagged by various nurses and doctors to get her fluid levels up - she is supposed to be on 1.5L per day. Limiting fluids sounds like a really bad idea, she will get quite dehydrated on two small drinks per day - did I understand that correctly? That doesn't necessarily help the wetting either. If the urine is very concentrated it's irritating to the bladder and more likely to cause accidents. Not to mention UTIs as well. Avoid blackcurrant and citrus, water is best, and plenty of it. The school need a plan to help the child with toilet reminders and changing her clothes, not to be dehydrating her.


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